“Luxurious aromatic cleansing balm blended from nutrient rich oils to melt away all traces of dirt and make-up – reveal radiant refined and balanced skin...”

Jojoba oil softens, protects and is readily absorbed by our skin. It gently unclogs pores and offers anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
Apricot kernel oil has exceptional softening and moisturising properties. Mild and easily absorbed it is perfect for sensitive, inflamed and mature skins.
Castor oil is thick and very slow to be absorbed. It is anti-inflammatory and is renowned for its cleansing action – it actually draws dirt to itself.
Avocado oil is a vitamin rich, extremely nourishing oil. It spreads well yet is quickly absorbed and deeply penetrating bringing lustre to tired, dull skin.
Beeswax is our 100% natural emulsifier, yet also helps our skin to retain moisture, offers anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and wonderful skin softening properties.
Tocopherol – 100% Pure Vitamin E is extremely nourishing and used as a natural anti-oxidant to help extend the shelf life of our oil based products.
Neroli essential oil is extracted from orange blossom. This highly prized oil is particularly good for stimulating cell regeneration and improving skin elasticity.
Mandarin essential oil is renowned for clearing and toning. A wonderful oil to refine and rejuvenate sluggish, dull skin.
Sweet Basil essential oil has a refreshing toning action on our skin. This purifying oil is balancing and can help brighten dull or congested complexions.