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Our luxurious balm formula allows for a


... feeding skin more of what it needs and nothing it doesn't



Simplicity means less really is more...


Our luxurious balm formula allows for a ‘simplicity’ of ingredients – more of what your skin needs and nothing to disrupt its natural ability to function.


Unlike many other skincare formulations ours are completely water-free (anhydrous). Water content can account for as much as 80% in creams and lotions but we have chosen to remove it completely. Our waterless range eliminates the need for synthetic emulsifiers, fillers and preservatives – ensuring less potential irritation for sensitive skin.


Instead we use the finest quality certified organic cold pressed plant oils, essential oils, beeswax and a dash of vitamin E… nothing else. Minimal ingredients, maximum effect.







Simplicity certainly doesn’t mean compromise...


The beauty of plant and seed oils is their ability to work gently in harmony with our skin. Rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids they are nourishing and naturally hydrating, whilst allowing the skin to breathe and eliminate toxins. We believe a carefully balanced formulation of oils proves far more effective than any individual ingredient.


Its important to us you know exactly why each ingredient has been selected for the range and the benefits they bring to the formula. Please refer to the 'Ingredient Guide' on each product page to see how they can work for you.


All our products are labeled with ingredients listed in descending order, according to EU requirements, using the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI). This includes any potential allergens that can be found naturally in the essential oils we use – enabling you to make an informed choice if you have had any previous reactions.






Simplicity means minimal ingredient processing, production methods and packaging...


We have chosen to exclusively use organically grown and certified ingredients – cultivated without chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and processed at lower temperatures. Believing they are quite simply superior, gentle on our skin and kinder to the environment. All our products are hand-blended in small batches to minimise ingredient processing to ensure valuable nutrients and potency of active components are retained. Manufacturing in small batches also guarantees you will be purchasing the freshest possible products.


We have selected a very small group of suppliers for our raw ingredients that we feel share our ethical and fair trade principles and where possible have established sustainable grower projects. We ensure that our ingredient suppliers have a strict policy against animal testing and NEVER test any of our products on animals.


Our luxurious products are housed in ‘simple’ glass containers that can be widely recycled. We have opted for minimal packaging as we feel outer cartons and internal leaflets are un-necessary and not always recycled. This however results in limited space for product information but hope that any questions you may have concerning the ingredients or use of the product can be answered on this website. If this is not the case please do not hesitate to contact us.


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