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Pure and gentle oil-based products are truly a pleasure to use.


If however you are new to this method of caring for your skin, please learn more 

by reading some frequently asked questions...

I have oily/combination skin – should I really be using oil-based skincare products?

Absolutely! One of the biggest myths is that oil-based products clog the pores and result in greasy blemished skin. In fact quite the opposite is true – plant oils actually have the ability to balance the skins natural oil production, decongest and calm any outbreaks. Many nourishing plant oils are incredibly similar to the oil that our own skin produces (sebum), therefore very easily absorbed, making our skin less likely to overproduce oil. This is particularly important when cleansing as excessive oil production is often exasperated by the use of harsh detergent based cleansers, which strip the skins natural oils, causing it simply to produce more!



My skin is dry/sensitive – can I use oil-based skincare products?

You certainly can! Dry skin is thirsty and in need of hydration, usually caused by a lack of natural oils. Plant oils are naturally emollient and can effectively nourish parched dehydrated skin. Our skin will only absorb as much as is needed and can therefore help to balance oil production. Further more oil-based products do not require a preservative, which can be the cause of irritation for sensitive skins.



How long do your preservative free, oil-based products last?

BALMOLOGY® products have a shelf life of 12 months however to benefit for the full potency of our freshly made batches we would suggest using them within 6 months. We recommend that you store our products away form direct sunlight – ideally in a cool dark place, to help retain the natural properties and effectiveness the oils.



My balm has melted – can I still use it?

Our balms are completely free from additives and will naturally melt at temperatures over 37-40C. This is why we recommend keeping them in a cool place – however if they should melt, place in cold place such as the fridge until they have solidified. They are still effective and perfectly safe to use.



I am pregnant – are your products safe for me to use?

We only use the highest quality pure organic plant oils and all essential oils are used within safe limits, at low percentages. However if you are pregnant or nursing you should ALWAYS check with your doctor before using any products containing essential oils and completely avoid using them during the first few months.

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